Our Work

Here is list of notable web and mobile development projects we have done.

Ghost Communications Platform

Developed a distributed crypto-currency network in NodeJs which provides services like ephemeral messaging, file storage, chat, video calling all in a distributed and secure manner without requiring a central server.


GetNugg is like Amazon for Marijuana. Various dispensaries list their products and patients with a medical card can buy different types of Cannabis from listed local dispensaries. using their mobile phones or computer and they get the Cannabis delivered to their home.

Room Pro

We have build the Global Management System to control Room pro devices and systems across 20000 schools in North America. The interface is a website through which Room pro division heads and employees, schools and teachers can control room pro devices remotely, each with a specific access control over the system.


Safe-Mic is a Security device for schools. It provides real-time data about the location of teachers in schools via a web interface. It provides communication in times of duress, like when an intruder gets in the classroom or there is a medical emergency, teachers can press the emergency button and can communicate instantly in situations where time is of essence.

Ken App

Ken is free a personalized magazine specifically designed for programmers. It brings together all the best articles, tutorials and news related to your favorite programming languages and technologies in a beautiful and easy to read format.