We develop mobile apps, web apps
and websites for startups.


Mobile app development, Web app development, Design, Big Data, Internet of Things


To deal with today's competitive startup environment We have invented a new process, we call it The Startup agile. Where in blueprints, technical and functional specifications are prepared then Design, development and testing processes run inparallel to each other resulting in shortest go-to-market times possible. While the compitition is still on the storyboard your app is in the market and generating revenue.

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We have a team of design and development experts. We have worked with startups from Silicon Valley, New York, Seattle to United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Our in-house team of design and development experts work have deep understanding of iPhone Android and web based technologies which enables us to bring a level of expertise to the apps that we build.

We create highly polished, scalable and robust applications across iPhone, iPad, Android and the web. We strive to build applications that users would love to use, Apps that look beautiful and function intuitively.